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Mariana Porto

A Mythical Connection

In each artwork, Mariana Porto delves into a realm of universal symbols and archetypes. Her exploration of myth and spirituality invites viewers to ponder their own connection to the world and the ancient stories that shape our collective consciousness.

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Golnaz Payani

Capturing the Invisible

Discover how Golnaz Payani, born in Tehran during the Iran-Iraq war, explores the concept of trauma through her artwork. By capturing the invisible and delving into the notion of perception, Payani’s work reflects her own experiences of disappearance and the conflict between ostensible appearance and invisible privacy.

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Franziska Warzog

The Playful Connection of Colors and Meanings

Discover the colorful and organic world of artist Franziska Warzog as she crafts playful and erotic sculptures using textile materials. Dive into her unique creations that are reminiscent of cult objects but hold their own free meaning.

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Anita Cooke

The Essence of Rebirth and Resilience

Influenced by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Cooke’s artistic process delves into themes of order and chaos, creating artwork that reflects the human experience through layers of expression and diverse inspirations.

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Natsuko Hattori

The Power of Fabric

Discover why fabric is Natsuko Hattori’s chosen medium for her sculptures. Fabric speaks to people on a deeper level, evoking emotions of warmth, comfort, and intimacy. This versatile material allows her art to resonate with a wide audience, making each masterpiece relatable and accessible.

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Nonney Oddlokken

Unveiling Louisiana’s Unique Narrative

Dive deep into Nonney Oddlokken’s art pieces that reveal a larger Louisiana narrative. Through the fusion of childhood fables, Catholic references, Cajun folklore, and New Orleans Voodoo, Oddlokken brings to life a world filled with enchantment and secrets that will leave you intrigued and mesmerized.

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Randy Shull

Weightlessness and Color

Experience the sensation of weightlessness that hammocks offer. Randy Shull explores how he communicates this feeling through his masterful use of color and materials, transforming the ancient Pre-Hispanic form into abstract artworks.

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Samantha Ortiz

Embracing the Divine Feminine

Dive deep into Samantha Ortiz’s artistic journey as she explores the divine feminine form in her mesmerizing artworks. Through a variety of media, she encapsulates the power and beauty of the divine feminine, fostering a sense of self-healing and empowerment.

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Scott Andresen

The Fragility of Beauty

In Scott Andresen's art, the delicate intricacies of silk scrim, a fabric known for its inherent fragility, are transformed into something of immense strength and beauty through his work.

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Suzanna Scott

A Voice for the Body

With bound objects, stitched layers, and sculpted forms, Suzanna Scott breathes life into the body, transcending traditional expressions. Her artwork offers a fresh perspective on the human form, illuminating the intricacies that make us who we are.

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Ariadna Pastorini

Provoking Reflection on Life's Transience

With themes of life, death, and the ephemeral, Ariadna Pastorini invites viewers to contemplate the passage of time and the eternal nature of existence through her thought-provoking creations.

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Cecilia Acevedo

Beyond Traditional Art

Cecilia Acevedo's art goes beyond mere creation. She aims to provide a complete human experience by engaging multiple senses. Prepare to be immersed in a world where art becomes a gateway to the depths of human emotions.

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Cathy Jacobs

The Power of the Moiré Effect

Cathy Jacobs harnesses the captivating effect of motion within immovable objects, using screens to create wavy patterns.

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Cristina Lisot

Decoding the Language of Threads

Through her art, Cristina invites us to witness a dance of threads, unraveling the unspoken words and emotions. She delicately weaves loops, releasing thoughts that transcend verbal expression. Threads become the voice of her soul, simultaneously hidden and explicit, forming a beautiful tapestry of human experiences.

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The Art of Upcycling

Striving for sustainability, Ipheno integrates upcycled fabrics into her artwork, transforming waste into stunning art pieces.

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Irina Laaja

The Art of Self-Reflection

Irina Laaja's artistic practice revolves around exploring the relationship between our bodies and ourselves. Dive deep into her thought-provoking sculptures, installations, and performances that challenge societal norms and perceptions surrounding the 'body'.

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Jason Kriegler

Unveiling the Complexity and Fragility

Peek into the hidden layers of complexity and fragility within contemporary textile art. Through hand embroidery on paper and linen, Jason Kriegler brings these works to life, inviting viewers to appreciate the intricate details and depths that unfold with every examination.

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Lara Zappa

Redesigning the Notion of Textile Art

Redefining the boundaries of textile art, Lara Zappa’s creations transcend the notion of craft. She pushes the medium to a contemporary edge, providing a fresh perspective on weaving as a form of artistic expression rather than a mere handicraft.

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Linda Männel

Rasterization and Blurred Imagery

Explore the intriguing effect of painting and embroidering in horizontal lines, creating a captivating rasterized image. With a 5 mm distance between each stitch, Linda Männel achieves a blurred yet harmonious composition that draws viewers into her artwork.

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Paula Ceroni

A Journey to New Dimensions

Prepare to be amazed as you immerse yourself in Paula Ceroni’s art. Let the vibrant colors and rhythmic textures guide you into a realm of recognition, meditation, and contemplation. Each piece invites you to explore new dimensions and experience an original aesthetic journey filled with wonder and enjoyment.

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Rachael Wellisch

Traditional Techniques, Modern Interpretations

Rachael Wellisch combines traditional textile techniques with innovative approaches to transform household textile waste. Learn how she hand-dyes fabric using natural indigo and reconstructs it to create stunning sculptures and installations.

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Vanessa Freitag

Documenting Life Processes with Textile Materiality

Vanessa Freitag's textile art not only captures the landscapes she visits and observes, but also the intricate life processes of small and microscopic organisms. Each stitch becomes a tangible representation of these natural wonders.

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